TENGA have developed luxury rechargeable vibrators, each offering a unique, powerful and innovative form of intimate stimulation. The soft feel of these vibrators offers a close likeness to skin. You'll love this stylish range of sex toys, whether it be for the bedroom at home or the bedroom away; the Iroha by TENGA offer a fantastic variety from the insert-able Mikazuki and Minamo, the sensual massagers; KushiMidori, Sakura, Tori, Yoru and Yuki and also the Mini range (perfect purse pal). All of these stylish sex toys are available with free UK postage and delivered discreet direct to your door. What will be your choice of sensual seduction?

Keep your Tenga products lubed and ready to go with this amazing range of lotions. Something for everyone from natural to tingly, whats your flavour...?
We've put together a selection of some of our favourite sex toys for you...and found the best prices too!

Here we have the Pocket TENGA, a disposable mobile masturbation sleeve that slips almost flat in your pocket ready for when you want it. If you thought the Tenga Egg was convenient and pleasurable, then get ready for the Pocket TENGA, which is even thinner, much more practical, oh and cheaper too! What’s even better; postage for these are free in the UK! Three different styles to make you go wild. Each practically doing what it says on the tin regards design; Blocked Edge, Click Ball and Wave Line. Why not try all three and save money…? Perfect holiday companion or for that little extra gift for someone special.

We've put together some great packages to save you some money, stock up now! If you would like us to create a bespoke pack together for you, or as a gift, let us know and we can work with you to create the perfect party.

Go for a spin!

Introducing the TENGA SPINNER!

An all-new internal coil makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke! Enjoy a unique sensation like none other.


The TENGA Δ (Delta) is a simple vibrator with a rotating joint for two different angles. Enjoy high-powered vibration with an easy-to-clean, compact toy!

Flexible spiraling sensations!

Lose yourself in spiraling sensations! Find release with the TENGA FLEX.

TENGA FLEX is a reusable masturbation sleeve featuring a soft outer casing. The case, using malleable materials molded into a spiral form, provides a just-right fit for all shapes and sizes and a strong vacuum sensation. Additionally, moving the FLEX up and down, the spiral loosens and tightens, revealing new sensations.

Product Features
A special combination of soft materials form the outer casing, for a sleek feel.

The soft case of the FLEX allows the user to squeeze and twist at will, for a variety of sensations. The flexible casing allows the entire product to tighten and loosen with ease. The product opens upon insertion and tightens on exit, revealing a variety of stimulating pressures.

Easy Washing
The removable elastomer sleeve is easily washed with water for multiple uses.

The cap can be inverted to serve as a drying stand, allowing for easy and hygienic drying of the elastomer sleeve.

Two Sensations - Two Models

Silky White – Gentle spiraling ribs embrace with delightful suction (smoother inner details, softer elastomer sleeve).

Rocky Black – Strong spiraling ribs stimulate with dynamic suction (more intricate inner details, tougher elastomer sleeve).


Keith Haring was an American artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s by expressing concepts of birth, death, sexuality, and war. Haring's work was often heavily political and his imagery has become a widely recognized visual language of the 20th century.

He was one of the best known among the young artists, filmmakers, performers and musicians whose work responded to urban street culture of the 80s.

Diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, Haring established the Keith Haring Foundation in 1989 to provide funding and imagery to AIDS organizations, and to ensure that his philanthropic legacy would continue indefinitely.

The Keith Haring Foundation’s mission is to sustain, expand and protect the legacy of Haring’s art and his ideals. 

Trembling thrills for partnered pleasure.

Specially designed for a natural fit, The Smart Vibe Ring from TENGA is elegant yet extremely powerful.

Enhance the sensations of partnered pleasure, for the ultimate addition to your sexlife.
The Smart Vibe Ring is a high-powered, quiet, rechargeable and waterproof cockring with an elegant design for no-nonsense, serious pleasure.

Award-winning textured male masturbator made from realistically soft and super stretchy material delivers knee-trembling sensations. These penis sleeves are reusable and very easy to clean. They have a fashionably stylistic design detail that make them as beautiful as they are pleasurable. The TENGA 3D range offers five very different varieties each with different internal structures for a variety of great experiences. Whether you want the gentle swirl of the Zen or the intense twirl of the Spiral, the power of the Pile, the smoothness of the Polygon or the sensitivity enhancement of the Module; you won’t want to just try one! For solo enjoyment or couple excitement, the TENGA 3D range will definitely enhance your sexual activity.

Featuring even stronger suction than its Original Vacuum CUP predecessor, the Reusable Vacuum CUP is the AIR-TECH Series’ flagship reusable CUP model!

The different styles provide intensity and size options, but all feature an amazing Air-Flow Structure that allows air to escape upon insertion, but also trap pockets of air to create stimulating feedback!

With the TENGA CUP Series you’ll find easy-to-use pleasure items, with a variety of functions! The Standard CUP Series provides a variety of functions from suction, malleability to multiple insertion options, while the UltraSize Series provides an optional size boost!

Please note that the Onacup is designed to be a single use product.

Proving that great things really do come in small packages! The TENGA Egg now has seventeen different varieties and are available as single units or in half dozen boxes to bring you a little bit of random excitement each time. 

Tenga Flip Hole Zero 

The TENGA Flip Hole is the ultimate in the reusable male masturbation revolution. This hottest selling sex toy was designed by an engineer to be both stylish and efficient. Not only do they look incredible, but they feel amazing too. Once you have experienced the TENGA Flip Hole, simply flip it open and clean ready for the next sexual encounter.

The TENGA Flip Hole offers five very different non-anatomic and pleasurable experiences with the ever popular and original White, the tight fitting Black, the satin smooth Silver and the incredibly ridged Red.

Not to mention the brand NEW Flip Hole Zero...

Get the Starter Pack; any Flip Hole, three lotions and a hole warmer from £99.99. 

What colour will you take home? Click here to compare the range using the Flip Hole Comparison Chart



Available to pre-order for delivery mid to late April. Order will be dispatched as soon as they arrive with us. 

The FLIP ORB has firm and flexible orbs layered within soft elastomer for a completely new sensation. Available in two different colours with their own unique internal designs, the hour-glass shape and cap make the FLIP ORB easy to hold, use and clean.

  • Control sensations and create a vacuum with the pressure pads.
  • Flip open for easy cleaning
  • The cap makes for ease of use, storage and drying

Introducing a vibrant and funky range of couple's vibe sex toys. The TENGA Vi-Bo assortment provides a diversity of colourful and fun vibrating play things. Step up your bedroom fun with the Ring Orb; for vibe fun on your shaft, Finger Orb and Hand Orb; for that added massage enjoyment, the bendy flexible Twin Orb and the insertable Stick Orb. Get the full set and save money. Bring some colourful fun into your bedroom.