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Lose Yourself in the Art of Pleasure

How do you lose yourself in pleasure?

It may be through vibrations, texture, or shape, but it doesn't have to end there. We believe it is important to consider volume of vibration sounds, or how much vibration is sent to your hand as you hold your Iroha, and how these affect the experience.

Free yourself from the distraction of sound and vibrations in your hands.  The Iroha Temari was crafted to provide pleasure you can sink into. Featuring a powerful motor housed in a case specially designed to reduce vibration transmission to the holder, the Temari really lets you lose yourself in the art of pleasure.

The Iroha Temari comes in three designs:
MIZU - 'water' in Japanese, the inspiration for the flowing blue pattern
KAZÉ - Japanese for 'wind', the inspiration for the pinwheel pattern
HANA - Japanese for 'flower', the inspiration for the floral design
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