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Iroha M&M FAQs

How do the iroha MIKAZUKI and MINAMO differ from other iroha products?
The original iroha and the iroha+ are made largely for external use. The iroha mini and iroha stick items are battery-powered items at a lower price. The iroha MIKAZUKI and MINAMO are iroha's vibrators for women that are insertable.
*Please note that they should not be inserted anally as the product has no tapered base.
How do the two items differ?
Both the size and shape of the items are different, to allow for a range of sensations. Please choose the one that suits you!
For further information, please view the spec section of the product page.
How far do they bend?
The product bends slightly inwards, but it is not completely flexible. Please do not exert any further pressure once the product stops bending.
How do you turn it on/off?
Turn the power on by pressing and holding the large round button. Turn the power off by pressing and holding the small round button.
Are batteries necessary for iroha M&M?
The iroha M&M items are rechargeable. Connect the supplied cable and place the product in the Charging Case, taking care to properly align the buttons. Close the lid to begin charging.
※Please note that the item will not charge until the lid is completely closed..

■Charging time: Approx. 120 minutes
■Running time: Approx. 90 minutes (At max speed)

How many vibration modes are there for iroha M&M?
iroha M&M has 4 vibration modes.
LOW: Slow, soft vibration; MID: Medium range vibration HIGH: Strong, fast vibration; PULSE: Rhythmic pulsing
Are they difficult to operate?
You can easily control the iroha M&M with two buttons, and finding the setting you want is easy as you can cycle backwards and forwards between settings.
The charging lamp is not on and it is not charging properly.
A Please place the iroha in the charging case in the correct position before closing the lid.
The supplied Charging Case for MIKAZUKI and that of MINAMO differ slightly in shape. Please ensure that you use the appropriate Charging Case for your product. If your product is still not charging, please submit an inquiry through our Contact Page.
Are iroha M&M safe to use?
iroha M&M uses FDA approved silicone in its products which is harmless to the human body. iroha M&M is entirely washable, and it is recommended to wash it before and after use to keep clean.
Can I use the iroha M&M in water?
The iroha M&M are waterproof up to 50cm (20"). Please keep away from strong water pressure.
※When in use under water, please make sure the water is clean.
Are iroha M&M washable with water and soap?
Please clean the product with cold or lukewarm water. Use soap or mild detergent to clean.
※Please do NOT boil or leave inside washing agents for prolonged periods of time.
※Please do NOT use Alcohol or other highly acidic or alkaline cleaners as this may cause damage to the product.
Is it ok to use it with lubricants?
Yes! Please be sure to use ONLY water-based lubricants.
*Please do not use with silicone-based lubricants, or oil-based products such as massage oil or baby oil. Usage of these substances may result in discoloring and/or deformation of the product.
How many times can you use iroha M&M?
Times may vary according to factors such as usage frequency and conditions, but both iroha M&M products are covered by a 1 year warranty. If a part of your iroha is broken or defective, please submit an inquiry through our Contact Page.
Can you charge the item overseas?
We can not recommend nor be held liable for use of the product outside of country of purchase due to differing electricity specifications. Doing so will void your warranty, so please refrain from using outside of the country of purchase.(Voltage: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz)
How should I dispose of these items?
Disposal of silicone items and rechargeable batteries differs from location to location, so please contact your local municipality for further information.
I lost my User Manual!
The instruction manual data can be downloaded here.

iroha instruction manual