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United State(s) of Masturbation

Could introducing sextoys to the bedroom improve your sex life? TENGA finds out with the TENGA SVR couple's vibrating ring!

For many, masturbation is an accepted and important part of healthy sex and sexuality. TENGA aims to further this cultural acceptance, offering products to enhance sexual pleasure during masturbation, and in turn, aid in sexual performance with or without a partner(s). TENGA conducted a survey of 1,200 Americans on their opinions of masturbation. What we found is that nearly everybody masturbates – so why aren’t we talking about it?
Could introducing sextoys to the bedroom improve your sex life? TENGA finds out with the TENGA SVR couple's vibrating ring!

The survey found that the overwhelming majority of Americans – 95% of men and 81% of women – have masturbated in their lifetime. Interestingly, most people estimated the percentage of people who masturbate to be much lower, indicating a disparity between how much people THINK the general population masturbate, and how much they actually ARE masturbating.

Even though approximately 88% of the U.S. population masturbates, more than half of the population reports being uncomfortable talking about the topic openly. In fact, 29% of all respondents reported having lied about masturbating in their lifetime. Reasons for lying about masturbating vary, and included embarrassment and fear of being judged by family, friends or partners.

The survey found that many people are using masturbation for reasons other than pleasure alone. More than half of all respondents cited additional answers, including relieving sexual tension, promoting relaxation/stress relief and as a sleep aid. Americans also use masturbation to enhance their sexual experiences, both alone and with partners. Approximately 13% of Americans masturbate with the intention of improving sexual performance. Meanwhile, 95% of individuals who have masturbated in front of a partner describe the experience as “good,” “very good,” or “excellent.”

Masturbation can be a beneficial and healthy addition to sexual routines. Though women are more than twice as likely to own a sex toy than men, all people stand to gain from introducing masturbation tools into their lives. 70% of all sex toy owners say that the masturbation experience is improved by introducing a toy. Research has also found the addition of masturbatory tools can aid in remedying common sexual dysfunctions, including premature ejaculation and anxiety surrounding performance.

Not surprisingly, the survey found that who you are – your gender, age, marital status, geographic location – dictate how you feel about masturbation.

The TENGA United State(s) of Masturbation Survey confirmed what most already knew – the majority of Americans are masturbating, but not everyone is comfortable talking about it. TENGA aims to elevate the discussion around masturbation from secretive to celebratory.

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