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The TENGA UNI is a unique, gender-free pleasure product suitable for solo or partnered use. It's versatile, and able to be used as a stimulating sleeve or flipped inside out to enhance finger stimulation.

Made from soft, stretchable material, the UNI comes in four designs: Emerald, Diamond, Topaz, and Amethyst, each offering a different stimulation style.

It's sustainable, using pulp-mold paper for packaging to reduce plastic waste.

The product is discreet, quiet, and doesn't require batteries or recharging, making it convenient and easy to use.

Additionally, it's designed to be as simple to purchase as condoms, aiming to reduce the embarrassment often associated with buying pleasure items. This product is especially recommended for those uncomfortable with insertion or internal stimulation.

The UNI is an affordable, hygienic, single-use item that offers a new dimension of pleasure for individuals and couples of any orientation, promoting exploration and enjoyment safely and enjoyably.

TENGA UNI DIAMOND Sale price£6.00